Facebook, No Thank you

Today I celebrate three years without a personal Facebook profile.

Regrets? None.To be honest I do not even remember how it felt having a profile and being addicted to it.

It was funny how I made the decision.One day I simply said to myself:

  1. Do I really need to spend hours viewing pics/status about people that I do not even know? Simple answer: no.
  2. Do I really need to spend hours trying to show people how amazing is my life? Simple answer: no.
  3. Do I really need to spend hours believing that people around me are having such an amazing life or terrible one and constantly complaining about it? Simple answer: no.

Negative sides:
Friends/People annoyed by the fact that I don’t have a Facebook account. So sorry (lying).
People do not remember my birthday or my surname – That’s so interesting. Our device/social network platform IS our external hard drive.

Positive sides:
Free time – I can use that to study, cook or cuddle my cat…or husband.
No pressure to share everything.
When I meet friends in UK or Italy I have actually something to share and say.
I have a private and real (happy and simple) life.  I don’t have to show my OMG amazing life.
I am not involved in stupid and useless catfight on the web.
I am in touch with real friends in an old and simple fashion way.
I am not obsessed with other’s life. No stress.
I just remember few important birthdays.
Sorry Zuckerberg, no more money with my personal data.

So less virtual happiness – more real one. Peace!

If you have time please visit this Urban Art Project called WEB 0.0 – it’s a sort of Internet “in real life” http://www.biancoshock.com/web-00.html


Facebook Web 0.0 Copyright – http://www.biancoshock.com/web-00.html


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