Why Errando Via?

Errando (e’r:ando) in Italian means wandering (about), roaming (about) or making a mistake.

Via (‘via) in Italian means road, street, way, route, path, track or away, out!, shoo!

Mix and match as you prefer.


Federica. Italian-librarian-expat in UK.

I set this blog up to help myself exploring the writing throughout the learning and research process. A blog serving the ‘writing-for-thinking’ purpose.

Topics Recipe: 70% librarianship problems + 20% reflection on human interactions + 9% art/creative issues + 1% personal stuff.

In my twenties I run a small sewing project called Fedulab – www.fedulab.blogspot.co.uk

I worked in some museums but then I moved in to the academic library sector and I am now exploring the health information one. What’s next?

I am not a linear thinker and I love jumping from a topic to another. Catch me if you can (I run 5k in 30 minutes).

[Updated May 2016]


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