Credentials in the email signature

Today I am reflecting on the need or not of adding degrees in the email signature for internal communication within a company.

Adding accomplished suffixes shows people you are dedicated and competent in your chosen profession. I perfectly understand it but not for internal communication. I find this habit slightly cheesy and it creates more disparities than bonds between colleagues.

My thought is based on two consideration;
1) Does the fact of showing off the list of degrees to colleagues upgrade the status and the content of a message?
I always start from this point: it’s more important the content of the message rather than how many degrees the sender possesses. Maybe it’s just me, but I evaluate messages, ideas and opinions from what they are and not from the sender educational status. Furthermore the level of education could be inversely proportionate to the actual intelligence (I am very mean sometimes). I grow up in a culture where people do not get more respect because they have a MA and PhD after their names but for their actual actions and results.

2) Is this practise a good habit to the unity of a department?
Again I disagree because it sounds like a battle of credentials. Who does have more MAs or PhDs to show off? So pretentious and unnecessary within a team, plus it doesn’t help the value of inclusivity.

I do not mention any credentials on any internal email. I am really proud of my achievements but I don’t feel the urgency of showing off them to colleagues that work with me everyday.

BA (Hons), MA [buahaha]