Second study school

AberystwythMy attendance at the second study school is finished.

It was nice being sorrounded by people in my same situations. Time costraints, study/work balance, lack of confidence are really common problems.

What do I take back home? I feel re-energised and I have more confidence. There is still a study year in front of me but I am determined to finish this course.

Notes? I’ve noticed that compared to my colleagues I have matured experience in specific activities, like cataloguing and classification. I was one of few people in the classroom knowing how to catalogue using AACR2 or assign a class mark using Dewey. This made me think about how it is important to experience some activities rather than just study them.

In my pragmatic view a certification is important but I really think that gaining experience is certainly more important.

I found people that are simply postponing any attempt to progress in their career AFTER the degree.  It’s like delegating a special power to a degree title. Is it the truth? I am not sure… But this is my vision. Maybe it’s because I met so many talented professionals that are genuinely good in their professions regardless their study titles.

Anyway, happy to have spent time in Averystwyth, the weather was fabolous!


Confessions of a distance learner


The last time I updated this blog (two months ago) my life was slightly different from what it is now.

In April, before moving to Leeds, I set few deadlines:

  • a month to find a job –> I started working a week after my move
  • a month to settle down in my new job –> keep going
  • few weeks to start preparing my next exam: Studies in Management.

Here we are, two months later I have just started studying and I discovered my deadline is in August. So close!

Obviously it is only my fault if I am so tight with the essays deadline. In my defence I can say that moving to another city and settling down in to a new job it’s quite taxing, above all when you have to commute 3hrs a day, learn new procedures and managing a team. So, instead of opening my books and start writing I prefered the confort of my sofa hihi.

There’s still hope for me because I’ve just  overcame the first essay panic phases:
Acknowledge & Accept

  • I acknowledge the present reality.
  • Here I accept the fact that I’m afraid to fail at this moment.


  • Talk to myself about what is happening, and what you need to do – Here is this post.


  • No more excuse…just study!
  • I have now made a target of 8 weeks, and 2 hours a day to study and prepare my submissions.

In spite of my less-than-perfect student behavior and time-management I have now tackled my essay and I started writing.
Wish me luck!