Testing a presentation: Find Use Access the Royal Marsden Manual

As part of the second day of the “How to deliver a memorable library induction” course I had to structure, organise and present a short presentation in front of a group of health librarians.

I decided to work around one of our library e-resource: The Royal Marsden Manual of Nursing Procedures.

First I started developing the content and then I moved to visual impact.

Audience – New qualified nurses joining the Trust

Time – 5 minutes

Three key messages –how to find, access and use the resource (FAU). I simply modified adapted the FRBR conceptual model (never forget your cataloguing principles!).

Tell a story – I used a real story. In one of our recent CQC inspection a nurse has been asked to provide the source of information for a specific procedure: how to remove peripherally inserted central catheters. He replied that the Royal Marsden was the source of information and the inspect asked the nurse to access it. The nurse was able to retrieve the piece of information online. This example needs to engage the audience. What if you had to show an inspector how to retrieve procedures. For this reason the audience needs to know how to find, access and correctly use the resource.

Design – I used PowerPoint and found some nice graphics on FreePik; I modified them using Photoshop.

Clever Gimmick – keep the presentation short; signposting the audience through the presentation (e.g. you are 4 clicks away from the information you need); use positive body language (smile, take pause, stress key words etc).

So this my short presentation:


(Presentation_Royal Marsden PDF version)


  • Colleagues were engaged and they said that my personality had shown through the presentation.
  • I should state that any other information about the resource (=facts) are available in a booklet.
  • People liked the three key concepts, the flow and the compelling story of the CQC inspection.
  • One colleague said that she is going to create a guide for each e-resource using the Find – Access and Use approach. Cool!

Yes, I can be scared about the idea of talking in front of a lot of people. Yes, English is not my first language. However I have to admit that I really enjoy presenting information in front of people, let’s say it is a natural talent.