It’s not you, it’s me

Now that I am “temporaly” unemployed I am thinking about writing about my experience as job seeker in the library/heritage/information sector.

Despite the outcome of a job interview, requesting feedback is the key thing. I normally request it and it’s  so interesting, in the post-match analysis, to realise what the panel was really looking for (unfortunaly too late). At the end it’s a learning process.

Feedback could be sent via email or phone call. This is my personal experience:

  • Feedback via phone.

GREAT! I love hearing directly from a panel member the reasons why I was not selected. This happened to me last month and I rated the call five stars. After the usually sugar-coated intro, like “you were a strong candidate but on this occasion, you have not been successful” comes the interesting part. Initially it’s hard to accept real-time constructive feedback, for example “you did not show enough experience in handling academics’ requests” or “you need more experience in managing a team”, but in a couple of hours I realised that she was absolutely right. This is were the magic happen: I discovered that, as she highlighted, in my previous jobs I did not cultivate enough relationships with academics or supervise experience and they are now key things I have to work on as part of my CPD.

  • Feedback via email.

I am not generally satisfied because feedback sent via email is usually written in a polite but general tone that do not investigate in depth the actual answers I gave and the reasons behind a decision. The title of this post is connected with one of my latest feedback I received. Please read that with me…

An excellent job application covering all essential and desirable criteria. You gave a fabulous interview and were very engaging. It was very clear that you had researched the post and the University beforehand. You supported most of your answers with examples and overall it was a very difficult decision. We would like to wish you all the best for the future.

It’s sounds like it’s not you, it’s me. Wait a second…are you breaking up with me?

My job hunting goes on…jobhunting