The Bee Library 24 book-nests for solitary bees Upper Lake, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Again, thoughts from my studies in management.

“Cross-pollination is an immensely powerful force”

Gunderman, R. B. (2009). Leadership in healthcare London : Springer

Today I was reflecting on the benefits of flying from flowers to flowers. Thanks to my new role I have been given a great opportunity to broaden my experience and my horizons about the library sector. Since I moved from the academic to the healthcare information sector I gained an incredible insight about how people in different sectors work and organise the services. I am still learning and I love looking at what other people are doing and thiking from their points of view.

These perspectives help me to expand my sense of the possible and recognise the full range of resources the library sector has at its disposal to improve the range of services.

I like think about myself like a librarian-bee.

I am also preparing my essay about the qualities of a true leader and inevitably I thought of my poor experience with very bad manager I reported (luckily) for a short period and his enjoyment of isolation. On the top of his poor management ability, such as his failure to see the true range of alternatives to problems, he wanted us (as a team) to sit still in our “shed”. The poor manager was not able to think in the long-term that the more we (as a team) sat still, the further and further we were falling behind. No surprises that in few months some important members of the team left. This time I thank him becaue after this experience I can compare different experiences with managers and outline what does make (for me) a good leader.

Still Buzzing… Buzz Buzz

Maybe in another post I will discuss the theory of The Hedgehog and the Fox by Isaiah Berlin.


Red Nose Day 2015


Who said libraries are boring? Comic Relief Cake sale on took place in the library today. All of the cakes were made by our staff. We raised the magnificent sum of £350. What a fun!

DSC_4456 DSC_4452

I am so lucky to have such amazing colleagues who put their hearts, creativity skills, and commitments into events like this. It was such a collaborative occasion and we celebrate our team effort. In particular a colleague, who was not on duty today, still come and give us support.

My three marketing event tips:

  1. Networking with key staff member across the university. I have been talking about this event for a week to colleagues and students = create hype.
  2. Promote it across the departments. Yesterday I literally visited all the university departments inviting staff to come to the library and leaving leaflets around their offices. Going in person is 10x more effective that sending an email, because you show your face and you are going to invite people personally = it’s like a wedding!
  3. When it’s all over… don’t stop! Continue to add value to the community you’ve built. Thank all the people involved for attending because this will help when you come to repeat the event. You’ve got a captive audience, there waiting for you…so what’s next?

ILN programme – Peer mentoring

A couple of weeks ago I applied to be a participant in the next round in the International Librarian’s Network (ILN) and be matched with a librarian from across the globe. ILN is a peer mentoring program that aims to spread the library networks beyond home countries and facilitate good practise sharing.
I was really excited when I submitted my application and today I received the official communication about my new ILN partner. Quelle joie! When I was 15 I had a pen-friend based in Denmark and I still remember the pleasure of receiving her letters and news. Anyway, I have now to introduce myself to her and I can’t wait to hear about her library experience and her hopes in this sector.

I love the ILN programme because I can keep my mind open, seek to learn – share (as much as I can) as well as self-reflect on my profession. Just to start with we are going to explore the following questions:
· Where do you work? What does your job involve?

· What does your workspace look like? Try sharing a picture.

· What was your career path? How did you get where you are today?

· What inspired you to join the ILN?

· What are your hopes and expectations for the new partnership?

I’ll update my progresses soon. Definitely a good day! Au revoir…